The educational ideal of CAU is to achieve "Truth and Justice", the reason of being of the university. We encourage the pursuit of truth through learning, training and exploring, and we champion social justice through participation and tolerance.

Based on its motto, “Truth and Justice,” the educational objective of CAU is to provide its students with general knowledge required for cultured leadership, specialized knowledge for developing the country, and the open-minded worldview to bring about harmony in the nation and the world.

Based on the educational philosophy “Truth & Justice”, CAU-GS has educational objectives to nurture creative and practical leaders who achieve self-realization, pursue academic theory and knowledge necessary for prosperity of nation and the society, and contribute to the community.

- To cultivate individuals with broad intellectual interests and endless passion for personal growth.
- To nurture professionals with both theoretical and practical knowledge.
- To develop creative individuals with both academic and industrial research capabilities.
- To produce citizens committed to their community and the world.
- To foster cultured individuals who cherish valuable traditions and embrace other cultures.

General Goals

As the world has reached the global era of intense competition in scientific technology, for us, the university that studies the basic science such as physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics, which are the foundations of natural science, we set a goal of gaining advanced scientific technology, contribute towards national development and prosperity of mankind by raising high-quality human resources that can fulfill the head principle of university, nevertheless, has creativity and faithful personality who will cooperate and research professionally in the related fields of study.


Specific Goals

Active participation in teaching activities, student assessment and guidance with the aim of educating democratic members of society, whom has sincere character with the background of responsibility and faith, to follow the head principle of Chung-Ang University, “Truth and Justice”
With the aim of cultivating competent scientist with skill of solving scientific problems and creative practical ability, we teach and let students to practice the latest theories and application methods of the several studies that are related in by devoting all our energy in inviting many outstanding professors, improving the curriculum, developing the education resources and expanding the experimental facilities and apparatus. According to the era of globalization and liberalization, we propel academic and personal exchange among developed countries and achieve internationalization in study, professor and student. We use CAU's basic science center and IT center to carry out application educations in computing and high-tech equipment in order to enhance field adaptation ability and handle the sudden changes in global scientific technologies and information-oriented age. Construct industry-academic cooperation system considering each departments' circumstances, actively inspire and propose it to increase research competitiveness by develop and characterizing the dominant field of study within the school which will later contribute to the development of the national scientific technology.

The College has the following educational objectives to achieve CAU educational objectives and to foster talented chemists who correspond to the educational ideals of CAU and social needs

- To cultivate chemists with creative problem-solving ability using scientific analysis and logical thinking.
- To nurture chemists with integrated discernment about natural sciences.
- To competent chemists with both academic and industrial research capabilities.
- To produce chemists committed to their nation and the society with spirit of truth and justice.