Chemistry, the basic science that investigates the substance’s structure and characteristics and researches the formation of new substances from the change of other substances, is the foundation of understanding and developing the fields of study which have direct proportion to medicine, material, energy and the welfare of mankind. The future development such as electronic engineering, bio-science, and development of renewable energy cannot be possible without the support of fields of chemistry which includes exploring and development of new material, chemical reaction and analytic technique and so on. Only the creative and endless challenges from the chemists who search for the new understandings and inventive applications in chemistry can offer the basis to the broad field of science technology.

Chemistry department has ‘the education of elite chemists who has the spirit of truth and justice, the refinements and the technical knowledge for a scientist and seeks for creative and practical learning that can adapt to changes’ as the ideal of education. In order to cultivate the talented chemist, who fits with the head principle of the university as well as national and social demand, CAU has set the following goals of education.

1) To cultivate chemists with creative problem-solving ability using scientific analysis and logical thinking.
2) To nurture chemists with integrated discernment about natural sciences.
3) To competent chemists with both academic and industrial research capabilities.
4) To produce chemists committed to their nation and the society with spirit of truth and justice.

Because chemistry is the study that offers the foundations of broad application fields directly connected with the welfare of mankind, there are varieties of choices in career. The fields in Research & Development with lots of people majored in chemistry are medicine manufacture, macromolecule, petro chemistry and catalyst. Also, recent contributions of trained chemists in the fields in fundamental research, for example, electronics industry and biotechnology as well as the fields in environmental science which relate to pollution have increased dramatically. Moreover, career such as educator and patent agent can also be considered.