Contact Info
1976 B.S. in Applied Chemistry, Seoul National University, Korea 
1978 M.S. in Chemistry, KAIST, Korea 
1981 Ph.D. in Chemistry, KAIST, Korea
1982 - present Professor, Chung-Ang University, Korea 
1987 - 1988 Visiting Fellow, Princeton University, USA
Research Interests
• Design of Optical Probes 
• Reaction-based Signaling Systems 
• Chemosensors for Transition Metal Ions 
• Colorimetric Signaling Systems for Environmentally Important Species 
• Electroactive Sensor Materials
Selected Publications
- Kim, S. H.; Kim, J. S.; Park, S. M.; Chang, S.-K. "Hg2+-Selective OFF-ON and Cu2+-Selective ON-OFF Type Fluoroionophore Based upon Cyclam", Organic Letters, 2006, 8, 371-374. 
- Kim, J. S.; Choi, M. G.; Song, K. C.; No, K. T.; Ahn, S.; Chang, S.-K. "Ratiometric Determination of Hg2+ Ions Based on Simple Molecular Motifs of Pyrene and Dioxaoctanediamide", Organic Letters, 2007, 9, 1129-1132. 
- Choi, M. G.; Kim, Y. H.; Namgoong, J. E.; Chang, S.-K. "Hg2+-selective Chromogenic and Fluorogenic Chemodosimeter Based on Thiocoumarins", Chemical Communications, 2009, 3560-3562. 
- Choi M. G.; Hwang, J.; Eor, S.; Chang, S.-K. "Chromogenic and Fluorogenic Signaling of Sulfite by Selective Deprotection of Resorufin Levulinate", Organic Letters, 2010, 12, 5624-5627. 
- Choi, M.-G.; Hwang, J.; Moon, J.-O.; Sung, J.-Y.; Chang, S.-K. "Hydrazine-Selective Chromogenic and Fluorogenic Probe Based on Levulinated Coumarin", Organic Letters, 2011, 13, 5260-5263. 
- Park, J. E.; Choi, M. G.; Chang, S.-K. "Colorimetric and Fluorescent Signaling of Au3+ by Desulfurization of Thiocoumarin", Inorganic Chemistry 2012, 51, 2880−2884.